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The Alchemy of the matrix

Let's start with Alchemy.

Alchemy is the science of transmutation of that which is base into that which is pure and exalted. While the bulk of the observation of the practice has centered around the notion that one might take such a metal as lead and make it gold, this is but the effect and the process is very much one of presence, surrender to the now.

And let's address this word right now, surrender, as it is sure to conjure damsels and what other nonsense. Surrender is the relinquishing of the lesser will for a greater Will and always raises your vibration. In turn, your preparedness to channel a very powerful energy is expanded in proportion to your release. This preparedness is then your creative power as The Magi or The Magus of Power, Taro Key #1: to focus and harness the primordial current (Taro Key #0 : Spirit) that lies in wait on the other side of our letting go.

And this can be as simple as finding humour in the moment! It's about raising your vibration. To tell it for reals, I only tell it this way as a result of an experience in the Summer of '18 that left me totally blissed out as a result of putting down a ton of baggage aka BS aka Belief System. It's just one way. And in fact, for those who are more passively inclined, the magic will work the other way and it is their decisive action and will that transmutes their reality. The word we've really been talking about this whole time, is presence.

OK OK, the matrix then

We all know the matrix and it's such a potent symbol right now as it points to a profound truth. We live in Maya. Illusion. But we are its creators! And of course this all comes back to technology, our human creation. So much of Alchematrix is about this process of practicing presence in the midst of a very techno-literate day to day. As more and more jobs become tech focused, I see a glaring need for clues on the road to navigating the saturation and hyper development of technology and caring for our souls, as a species, a planet. This concerns us all. Every one. We are all in this matrix together. Our devices are extensions of ourselves, they are our android bodies, we are cyborgs!

Yep. Enjoy! And make the most of it and laugh about it! Release it. The whole narrative and come back to presence.

The Alchemy of the matrix.

And the circles moon thing?

A symbol I created representing the union of opposite. The symbol is the astronomical glyphs for both the sun and crescent moon superimposed. A synonym to yoga, which is unity science.

You're doing what now?

  • Blogging on the path. Making myself available via to converse.
  • I'm hosting the Moon Show, airing once a month on IGTV @alchematrix0 discussing astrology in relation to the new and full moons.
  • Publishing a monthly newsletter on the Alchemy of the Matrix.
alchematrix0 - December, 15, 2018