Friends, family, lend me your ears...

Today marks a big day for me: I present a personal project many years in the making to you, dear family and friends. For years, I got in my own way about sharing who I am with the world, but no longer!

And so, with a measure of glee and trepidation, I present and the companion handle @alchematrix0 on instagram & youtube (and maybe one day a podcast) and I'm available at if just wanna talk.

What’s all this about, you may ask. In short, it is I, unveiled and revealed. It is a personality, an expression, a personal brand and a heartfelt sharing born of a desire to help others in their journey to connect with Self. Combining the knowledge gained in my twenties through a host of practices not limited to martial arts / warrior training, yoga, spiritual learnings with two different teachers, life as a raw foodist, on the #keto diet, as a coffee snobbing bike touring, rock climbing drone pilot, lover, programmer, archer, trail runner, permaculturist, #vanlife-er, chess enthusiast, astrologer/numerologer/student of the taro (and the list probably goes on), Alchematrix is the alchemy of the matrix and a practical guide on transmuting every day reality into the sublime, the proverbial lead to gold, the mundane to the profound through the intentional practice of presence!

In practice, a blog, ranging on many of the topics listed above, with emphasis on connecting deeply to Self through our every day actions while encouraging new explorations and providing insight into various fields I’ve found useful such Mantra, Spiritual reading, Yoga as unity science, Taro and Astrology, nutrition, travel, life outdoors & ultimately, tapping in to one’s unique gifts and living our best life of service. In my words: what it means to be a warrior, to face life head on with courage and a smile, in the interest of growing not only as individuals but as a species. It is a cure for irony, a balm for malaise and a call to those enmeshed in the matrix to share the journey of Self realization in the present moment.

There is not much else to say save for gratitude for those that have co-created with me. Before such acknowledgements, the call to action is simply to follow @alchematrix0 on the gram if you feel so inclined; newsletter sign ups for the intrepid are on the website.


Thank you to all the teachers who have come before and shared the message of love and wisdom. Thank you to my mother for putting me on the path through books like The Alchemist, The 4 Agreements, my first look at Taro cards and now, as ever, walking the path with me as we grow together in spirit and work at the karmic level together. Thank you to my father and sister for their support and camaraderie. Thank you to my grand mother for sharing a both a love of food and timely spiritual insights at much needed moments in my upbringing as well as my grand father and great grandmother for guiding me here. Thank you to all the friends who supported me as a wandering homeless yogi and thank you to the Taski team for creating meaningful engaging work for this lover of freedom.

Thank you to Tracy, who I imagine will never see this, for showing me a different way of relating to the world that still speaks to who I am today. To all you muses on the way. And thank you to all of you who witness and participate, I hope we can continue to co-create and don't be shy to reach out, especially if you're watching silently intrigued 🙋‍♂️. If you're seeing this on Insta, I will be closing this particular channel, and the various others I have created over the years to focus exclusively on creating impactful content for 💪 and will, at last, focus my energy into a coaching service for technology professionals who feel there is something more but don’t know where to start looking; for the spiritual scientists!

with Love and light,

in soulful pragma,


Oh ps

Around 25 I began working with the name Michel (in french archangelic fashion), so you’ll see that around if you chose to join me moving forward. If you’re an Alex person I hear that and am cool with it. These days I’m uniting worlds and going by Michel Alexander :)